1) Membership

a. You may register to be a member of HAAA Rewards if you are aged 18 years or over and have a current Australian residential address. To become a member, you must register online or complete a printed registration form and post to HAAA. Membership is free.

2) Your Obligations

a. Registering with HAAA Rewards constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

b. It is your responsibility to inform us if:

i. Your personal details change (including your address, email address or phone number). If we do not have your correct details, we may not be able to contact you about your rewards or send you offers.

c. You may terminate your membership at any time and for any reason by unsubscribing.

3) Rewards

a. Rewards for referrals will be credited to your account after we are notified by you after you have claimed a reward that qualified. We are not responsible for any delay or failure of a rewards member to notify us of the details of referrals. You should contact us if you dispute the qualifying assessment of your HAAA rewards claim.

b. We may correct erroneous, invalid rewards or adjust for reversed claims at any time.

c. You may check your rewards balance at any time via the HAAA Rewards website or by contacting us. We may also, at our discretion, periodically send you rewards summary using the contact details you provided.

d. Rewards do not expire unless you do not access your account for a period of 3 consecutive years, then we will attempt to contact you to advise you of this and we may also terminate your membership and close your account.

e. HAAA rewards gift cards are not redeemable for cash and have no cash or monetary value.

f. If you are registered for HAAA rewards and have sufficient rewards account balance, you may redeem rewards which are listed on the HAAA Rewards website.

g. All rewards are subject to availability. We are not responsible to you if any reward is not available for any reason.

4) General

a. We may, in our discretion, make any change we see fit to these Terms and Conditions, including, without limitation:

i. the range of Participants and Qualifying referral reward claims;

ii. the dollar value of the rewards you can earn on Qualifying Referrals;

iii. the range of rewards;

iv. the period for expiry of existing account balance.

b. We will give you notice of any change to the Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion:

i. via the HAAA Rewards website; and/or

ii. by direct communications sent to HAAA Rewards members.

c. In addition to the right to terminate, we may terminate your HAAA Rewards membership immediately and without notice where you:

i. fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions;

ii. provide misleading information or make any misrepresentation to us in connection with HAAA Rewards;

iii. are abusive or offensive to any of our staff

d. Where your HAAA Rewards membership is terminated, members will cease to be entitled to claim and redeem rewards and your rewards balance will be deleted.

e. Respecting your personal information is very important to us. The HAAA Rewards Privacy Statement forms part of these Terms and Conditions. The HAAA Rewards Privacy Statement sets out what personal information we collect, how we use it, to whom we may disclose it and what your privacy choices are. Our Privacy Statement is available on the HAAA Rewards website or upon request from HAAA.

f. Any tax, liability, or duty incurred by a member arising from participation in the HAAA rewards program is the responsibility of the member.

5) Definitions

a. Rewards means the rewards that could be or are earned / held in your account following a claim for a referral by you that qualifies for a reward. Rewards can be claimed by you for referrals to HAAA and redeemed by your choice of the reward gift cards on offer. (1 reward per referral).

b. HAAA Rewards means the referral rewards program managed by HAAA under which a member claims rewards on qualifying referrals to redeem for gift vouchers under these Terms and Conditions.

c. Member means those persons who have registered with HAAA rewards to gain rewards for referrals of new HAAA clients as defined under these Terms and Conditions.

d. Qualifying Reward means a claim for rewards that is validated as qualifying the rewards member for rewards as defined by the HAAA rewards program criteria and under these terms and conditions.

e. Terms and Conditions means this document, and any other documents referred to in it.

f. HAAA Client(s) - New client means fee-for-service paying persons who are referred to us for HAAA accommodation placement service, on or after 01 July 2016.

g. HAAA / HAAA Accommodation Placement Service - Health and Aged Assist care placement specialists, providing accommodation placement support for older persons moving into aged care.

h. Referral / Successful Referral - is the referral of a new client to HAAA.

HAAA Rewards

1) Choosing your reward

a. To help you choose a reward, the specific gift card details are listed at here(You need to login to view).

b. Please choose your reward carefully. Once you have redeemed your reward it cannot be exchanged or cancelled for any reason except where the reward is not as described.

c. HAAA reserves the right to make any changes at any time to the range of available rewards, the number of referrals required for a reward and the terms and conditions applicable to rewards, irrespective of the effect on members' rewards balance without prior notice and at HAAAs' absolute discretion.

2) To claim and redeem a reward, visit here(You need to login to view)

3) Reward Terms and Conditions

a. All reward claims and redemptions are also subject to the HAAA Rewards Terms and Conditions.

b. Current account postal address and email address

i. Where applicable, rewards (including reward letters) will be posted or delivered to the current HAAA rewards account postal address held in the HAAA rewards database at the time of redeeming. Where rewards are delivered by email, the member's current email address held in the HAAA rewards database at the time of redeeming will be used.

ii. If posted, rewards will be sent by ordinary mail to Australian addresses only.

c. Gift Card provider terms and conditions

d. Gift card rewards may be subject to other terms, conditions and restrictions as are communicated or referred to by the reward provider. It is your responsibility to seek and view these terms and conditions before redeeming a reward.

e. Rewards delivery time

i. HAAA will endeavour to deliver gift card rewards within the stated time frame, but this may not always be possible. You must call HAAA as soon as possible if you do not receive your gift card reward within the specified delivery time.

f. Claims for non-delivery

i. To assist HAAA manage your reward, you must make claims for non-delivery of gift cards within three weeks of due date.